About AgileWhisker Keyboard

KittenBot’s AgileWhisker Keyboard is a customizable mechanical keyboard that empowers you to unlock new possibilities for PC interactions using DeviceScript. It can be connected to various Jacdac

 electronic modules, enabling you to build your own unique application modes based on your creativity.

Why AgileWhisker?

We believe the best application of DeviceScript is for PC peripherals. Have you ever imagined being able to control everything around you with the keyboard in front of your computer?

With AgileWhisker, the keyboard and its connected Jacdac functional modules will be further empowered by the Agent desktop software, transforming into dynamic tools that adapt to each user’s unique needs and preferences.

We aim to allow software engineers unfamiliar with hardware development to quickly master the skills of writing interactive effects to meet their personal needs and interests.

We are crowdfunding on the CrowdSupply , if you are interested please subscribe to us!

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