Day 1 (Part 2): Night Owl

A project log for Cultural Integrity (at the Dethrone Hackathon)

Merging art, crafts, and technology with Art Hack Day

criptastichackerCriptasticHacker 03/02/2024 at 06:200 Comments

Now that we were getting out of the concept realm and into the real world tangible stuff, my anxieties began to relieve a bit.  It was time to take some measurements !

I rolled over to the nearest bus stop, and took out my midnight measuring tape and camera:

Bus stops are spooky places late at night.  But one thing I noticed kinda stunned me...the backing glass was gone!  How can anyone lean back in these already uncomfortable seats?

Julia and I planned to use this backing glass to support our "throne" comfy seat, as well as some headlines and lights for the unfomfortable seat.  It was truly ironic that SFMTA's efforts to make bus stops as uncomfortable as possible was thwarting our art project exposing the uncomfortableness of bus stops - agh!

I went around afterwards looking at other bus stops - and it was the same everywhere :(

Fortunately, I could still grab measurements for the 3D printed spikes we planned to mount.  Julia suggested "about 20cm" - bless her metric heart, that made me so happy, haha.  And she was right!  

"It should be easy" she said. I quipped that it was unfair that she had 3D printing knowledge so that I could not gain late night sympathy points for the hours of labor this would take! [sarcasm].  She has a Bambu P1P at home, so she sees through my shennanigans :P

With measurements taken, I went home and made the model.  It was pretty easy in Tinkercad since they have a round-tipped dome preset shape.  Super handy.

After that I exported to slicer, then the SD card, and then fired up the 3D printer (Ender 3 S1 Pro, baby!) for some test prints.  All looked passable - I hardly optimized settings for a 48-hour hackathon.  I decided to make some in red, black, and silver (silk PLA):

The quality is a bit meh because it was printed too fast near the tops, and probably not enough walls.  But it would match the grungy outdoor aesthetic better, anyway :P  With this done, I turned in for the night on Day 1.  It was nearly 3am and Day 2 would be the real project day!

[To be continued...]