Printed Circuit Boards are Working!

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Launch monitor using low-cost raspberry pi and camera hardware to determine ball launch speed, angles and spin

james-pilgrimJames Pilgrim 04/17/2024 at 18:110 Comments

The first run of printed circuit boards arrived today from JLCPCB.  These are the boards that help connect the components of the system and also keep the high voltage strobe signals isolated from the fairly fragile Raspberry Pi GPIO circuitry.  

The boards look good.  Especially for the very low price that #JLCPCB charges for small boards like this.  The entire thing, including (slow) shipping was a whopping US$ 3.64.  I wasn’t able to get anything locally (which I would have preferred) for less than $300!  

Here’s the unboxing pictures.  I’m sure they’ll go viral soon...

It only took a few minutes to populate the board.  By dumb luck, all the holes ended up in the right places!  Pretty surprising given that this was my first attempt at having PCB boards manufactured and also because I'm using an unfamiliar CAD system.  Of course, it's a pretty simple circuit, so maybe even I couldn't screw it up. ;)

Here’s the finished (populated) and empty boards:

Most amazing of all, is that everything tested out and worked on the first try: