Project Log 1: Project Start

A project log for Magneto-Flex

Flex Sensors Powered by Magnets So They Never DIe

walkerdevWalkerDev 03/02/2024 at 15:560 Comments

I got this idea based off of a research paper a friend showed me and decided to go full prototyping mode with it!

So let's say we have two tapes right, E is our tape with magnets on it, which is slightly longer than D (which has hall sensors). They are always B distance from each other and are held together at the start only (The yellow line). We set the components through a pattern (C being a larger value than A) and we ensure the starting end of the tapes are connected while the rest moves.

When straight, the sensors overlap a certain way (Not directly on top of each other). The first and third magnet will be closer to the center while the second directly overlaps with the hall sensor. 

When raised, the tape at the end will be closer to the middle.
When down, the one at the end will be further away.
Put this on a flexible PCB and you never would have to worry about flex degradation EVER again.

However, a problem comes from this. If the hall sensor overlaps between two magnets, the value might not be understandable if you're thinking "Gee, the filter to get the data is going to be very hard to extrapolate". In that case, you lack creativity. If we were to put this on a finger, the first magnet would be closer to the hall sensor, the second would be slightly away and the third would be the furthest. The same is vice versa.

In short, as you raise the system, the first value will always increase while the third always decreases. Then, you can estimate the way the tapes are overlapping (which is much easier than you are imagining) to estimate if the hall sensor in the middle went left or right (and from there, the arc).

I am working on a flex PCB, 3D model and code for testing