Week 7ish

A project log for 25in24 Electronics Project Board

Re-vitalizing and modernizing a Radio Shack 65in1 kit for educational purposes - my DesignLab Residency!

tom-thoenTom Thoen 04/30/2024 at 22:260 Comments

For creating the manual a number of illustrations are required.  Through the Design Lab I was connected with an Art Center student named Tiffany.  She is a fantastic artist and is helping re-create the original cartoons from the manual with a more modern is one of her preliminary ideations:

So, it's time to work on documentation!  As before, my goal is to finalize the designs, build a number of samples and do some "in-class" testing.  Still a few weeks out on the manual, but making good progress!

The board designs are finally completed and 25 experiments have been tested!  I'm going with different colors on the soldermask to pay homage to the original board.

One of the more difficult aspects was determining the connection points for the jumpers.  The male wire pins tend to break after the wires are pulled out several times - so I am going with FF 20 AWG jumper wires.  

On the board I originally was going to use regular male pin headers which are durable - however they are a bit sharp!  So, for now I am going to use shrouded headers (Molex) that at least will protect the user.  I feel like this is a critical point as the project reliability depends on how well the connectors work after multiple projects are tested and disassembled.

I am hoping to have a fully functional prototype in about two weeks, with at least a preliminary manual...