Phase 1 - Rapid Prototyping 7/03/2024 to 13/03/05

A project log for CubexStress

"Find tranquillity in the palm of your hand with our stress-relief toy – where relaxation meets playfulness."

julianbaronjulian.baron 03/13/2024 at 19:010 Comments

Phase 1 - Fast prototyping

This Phase consisted on testing and doing proofs of concept to have a better build final product

Testing and Proof of Concept Phase: In this phase, we conducted various tests and developed proofs of concept to refine the design and functionality of the fidget toy. This involved:

    1. Down sizing the box 

Our last prototype was 150x150x150 this size was unpracticable and way to big to use. we decided to make it smaller and way way better than the last time, get ready for the greatest toy that will have in your hands.

Our goal during this stage is to make sure that every module works perfectly together and that the down sizing of the project is first possible by dividing the volume by 2 (20%).

For rapid prototyping we will use the laser cuter for the big parts like the box.

   2. Deciding on our priorities

We identified two crucial aspects of our project to ensure its success: