Phase 1 - Rapid Prototyping 14/03 - 21/03

A project log for CubexStress

"Find tranquillity in the palm of your hand with our stress-relief toy – where relaxation meets playfulness."

julianbaronjulian.baron 03/20/2024 at 21:040 Comments

Phase rapid prototyping :

     1.Modelling the prototype for a light bulb : 

The light bulb is just a prof of concept so that you can create your own custom design for your light bulb, this light can be changed through the 3 gears on the side : each gears represents the following colours RED, GREEN and BLUE.

Here is the basic design that we have 3D modelled

     2.Modelling the prototype for the gears  :

First design of a gear and it's axel : Crucial part was how to fix a rotating wheel with an axis

   3. Prototype of the first changeable Module - The great maze

We wanted to create a fun and always loved game the mazes to entrain you during your commutes or even at work ( don't tell your boss that you got the greatest of toys hahah )

The maze is one of the three module that we will propose.

4. Coding Snake game 

This a one of the most famous game in the just in the size of your hands,

The code of snake is in process....Pleaseeeee wait Thanks

5. Preparing to Order Parts 

- Panification of our new needs to continue our project.