Phase 4 - 2/05/2024 to 16/06/2024

A project log for CubexStress

"Find tranquillity in the palm of your hand with our stress-relief toy – where relaxation meets playfulness."

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Final Phase: Refinement and Production:
In this phase, we focused on finalizing the design and preparing for mass production. Key activities included:
Design Refinement:
Based on feedback from the testing phase, we made final adjustments to both the physical design and the software. This involved enhancing the user interface, improving the durability of components, and ensuring the toy is as user-friendly as possible.
Material Selection:
We selected the best materials for mass production, balancing cost, durability, and user comfort. This included choosing high-quality plastics, reliable electronic components, and safe, non-toxic finishes.
Quality Assurance:
We implemented a thorough quality assurance process to ensure each toy met our high standards. This included rigorous testing of each unit for functionality, durability, and safety.
Production Planning:
We developed a detailed plan for mass production, including sourcing suppliers, setting up manufacturing processes, and establishing distribution channels.

Our fidget toy project has successfully progressed through several critical phases, each aimed at ensuring the final product meets the needs of users who experience anxiety and stress. By focusing on both the technical and physical aspects of the toy, we have created a product that is not only functional but also enjoyable and easy to use. The final phase of refinement and production has ensured that the toy is ready for market, with high-quality standards maintained throughout the process.

Key Takeaways:

Holistic Design Approach: By integrating user feedback, rigorous testing, and iterative improvements, we ensured that the toy addresses the real needs of individuals seeking stress relief.
Quality and Durability: Our focus on quality assurance and material selection guarantees a durable and reliable product.
User-Centric Features: The combination of fun, interactive, and portable elements makes the toy highly appealing and effective for our target audience.

Future Directions:

Market Launch: With the final product ready, the next steps include marketing, distribution, and gathering post-launch feedback to further refine the product.
Feature Expansion: Based on user feedback, we may consider adding new features or developing additional modules to enhance the toy’s functionality and appeal.

Our fidget toy aims to offer a practical solution for managing anxiety and stress, enhancing the well-being of users through its enjoyable, engaging, and easily portable design. By integrating various interactive features, rigorously testing the prototypes, and prioritizing both electronics/programming and modeling/build, we ensure a high-quality final product that caters to different preferences and needs.

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