Longer LK5 Pro Delirium Build

Why the hell am I doing this?

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My attempt to solve the dozens of issues with this cheap $300 large format printer. Is it worth it? No. Should you do it? No. I should've just gotten a cnc...

Printer Status: Standby
Project Status: Configuration/Calibration

The beginning of the end. I started this journey back in 2022 and after months of fine tuning, modding, coding, going insane, and almost burning my house down, I'm at the end stretch. Only a few upgrades remain, but they're going to be the hardest I've done yet. Aaaand I'm probably gonna screw it up for the 500th time...

Currently, I've given this thing: Dual Z-axis, POM Z-axis Nuts, 5015 Cooling Fans, 3DTouch (works just as well as a BLTouch), Klipper running from an old laptop with Ubuntu Server (I can't even begin to get into that one), many different nozzles, an accelerometer, a CHC Pro (awaiting replacement into a V6 hotend for further stability), Y-axis linear rails, a SKRat from BTT,  and a 48mm motor for the Y axis.

The X and Y-axis upgrades are solely possible thanks to DIY PERSPECTIVE. Please support them here:

Upcoming: Linear Rails for X axis, Leadscrew Replacement(?)

If you want to copy this project for your piece of chinese aluminum extrusions for whatever reason, do not follow the components list verbatim. I'm unable to use Aliexpress where there are much better deals for same quality items.

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  • Luck's Up

    e of h04/02/2024 at 23:47 0 comments

    I think I might have just hit the luckiest break in my whole life.

    Ultimately I decided to spend a few hours measuring the current bracket and sending it off to a friend who owned a tabletop drill. The final result barely worked, but even one screw per carriage was more than enough to hold everything completely still. Now I just need some medium chain oil to make everything run smoothly and that part should be done.
    Biqu, after a week of waiting, gave me a 15% code that I used to drop the price to $51, keeping it within budget. Now I have to wait 2 more weeks for that and the hotend to arrive.

    All of this is going unusually well. Hope that hotend doesn't arrive defective.

  • A Smalln't Update

    e of h03/24/2024 at 13:43 0 comments

    This isn't going as intended.

    At first, I was planning on replacing the board later. But considering the end-of-life state of it, it's going to be necessary. After looking through dozens of different motherboards, I decided on an SKRat with a bed expansion module and TMC2240 drivers. All of this cost around $60, so I'm going to pull the age old trick of creating an account, not buying the items but keeping them in the cart, and waiting for BIQU to give me a discount code.

    The hotend I was planning on using turned out to exceed my budget thanks to PCBWay's ludicrous shipping costs. I found out that HS3D (Haldis's own storefront site) sells the exact same hotend at only $55 instead of $70, but I don't know if they'll even deliver it...

    These corners are being cut so hard that I may run out of paper altogether. Let's hope that doesn't happen.

  • Missing Just a FEW Parts

    e of h03/18/2024 at 21:36 0 comments

    So, guess what decided to arrive early.

    These cheap chineseium linear rails, as far as cheap chinesium rails go, are actually quite good. They don't bind and have literally no play, but I did need to add an extra bearing into every carriage and lube them down with a liberal helping of heavy duty chain oil. Other than that, these are more than good enough. Now I just need a few M5 T-nuts which happen to be arriving next week and... that damn custom bracket. I think I can get it locally sourced for relatively cheap, thankfully.

    Also, the seller of the CHC Pro replacement I was planning on getting decided to take down the product page for no reason. As such, I'm now going with the fever dream one from POLIS3D. It appears I will have to thread the bracket at home.

    I wonder if I should turn the printer on? (no)

  • Nowhere Near the End

    e of h03/10/2024 at 14:57 0 comments

    My linear rail shipment got delayed by 10 days. 

    I ordered the wrong M3 T-nuts and needed to get non-rotating ones. Luckily those arrive today.

    I'm missing 9 screws and 8 washers and am currently waiting to ask a friend to get them.

    I still don't have M5 Rotating T-nuts or replacement bearings because they take a week to arrive. 

    I can't find anyone who sells break cleaner or degreaser.

    And it appears I'm going to have to bite the bullet and spend $50 on a cnc'd bracket.

    This is going absolutely great...

  • It All Comes to A Head Soon

    e of h03/08/2024 at 22:20 0 comments

    I'm currently missing two components: My linear rails and a custom-cut bracket to hold everything together. The linear rails arrive in 3 days, but I have no clue how I'm gonna handle the bracket I need CNC'd. If only PCBWay wasn't so expensive...

    Funny story: my old CHC PRO hotend decided to catch on fire a few hours ago. Returned it and now found a replacement. Remember to hot tighten it, dingus me.

    Everything is probably gonna go wrong, but still hoping for the best.

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