Luck's Up

A project log for Longer LK5 Pro Delirium Build

Why the hell am I doing this?

e-of-he of h 04/02/2024 at 23:470 Comments

I think I might have just hit the luckiest break in my whole life.

Ultimately I decided to spend a few hours measuring the current bracket and sending it off to a friend who owned a tabletop drill. The final result barely worked, but even one screw per carriage was more than enough to hold everything completely still. Now I just need some medium chain oil to make everything run smoothly and that part should be done.
Biqu, after a week of waiting, gave me a 15% code that I used to drop the price to $51, keeping it within budget. Now I have to wait 2 more weeks for that and the hotend to arrive.

All of this is going unusually well. Hope that hotend doesn't arrive defective.