Final Assembly

A project log for Vectr - 3D Gesture Controller and Sequencer

Vectr is an open source 3D sensing controller and sequencer for modular synthesizers or anything you can dream up.

mattMatt 08/20/2014 at 14:180 Comments

I've been working at maximum capacity getting units ready to ship to Kickstarter backers. It's been kind of insane. I've got a vacation coming up and I'm trying to get about 45 of these built before I go. The first build is always the hardest. Some of the components had some rework to correct some minor errors and that has made it a little harder to put them together. I had some vias underneath 1/8" jacks that needed to be epoxied. Some of the jacks are then lifted a little which makes it a struggle to get them in the faceplate. This will be alleviated if I do another run with a corrected circuit board. At least that's the biggest challenge and not some fatal flaw. 

Sitting putting together your creation for hours and days upon end gives you plenty of time to reflect. When you've worked on something as intensely and as long as I have on Vectr, you begin to wonder how your design will be received. At the very least, you can stand back and say, 'Wow, I built that." But I think the real reward comes when you see someone's eyes light up as they play with your creation or when someone takes the time to send you a thank you note. Because in the end there isn't much point in building things if you can't share them. I just hope that people find this to be a fun, interesting, and beautiful device. And maybe I'd like to see one in a really cool Youtube video...