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Magic 8 Ball + User Guide 2.0

nelithzederdelleNelithzederdelle 05/16/2024 at 10:590 Comments


More tests for DF Player

- "get started" example from the "DFRobotDFPlayerMini.h" library

- this one :

- more from : DFPlayer Mini Mp3 Player - DFRobot Wiki

- and several other tries from random YouTube videos I found

But this was not conclusive.

So I moved to the subject of the Hall effect sensor.

Instruction Book

Hall effect sensor

The sensor we ordered is : 3524405C  (AH3524)

the objective is for a LED to turn on when the magnet is far/not here, and turn off when the magnet is very close.

However, the sensor we ordered has the reverse effect: The LED turns on when the magnet is close to the sensor. Similar to the first example shown in this video : 

2 Basic Project with Hall effect Sensor (

So the solution we found is to use a NPN transistor.

Quest to find the transistor : just started.


We also worked on the ball itself, preparing the patreons and cutting the pieces in the cardboard.

The goal is to cover each piece of carbon with a piece of fabric and put them all together like the paper prototype.

We also planned to have a "door" to open the ball.