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nananisNananis 05/28/2024 at 13:570 Comments

Getting familiar with the screen and the gyroscope

The screen has arrived, and I started to familiarise myself with it's features.

I checked it's datasheet and rewied the gyroscopes features as well. Most of the time the way it's supposed to be wired is only indicated for an arduino uno, so I also have to check the pins of my ESP32 in order to understand how to wire my system. 

Helpful website for the screen:

ESP32: TFT Touchscreen - 2.8 inch ILI9341 (Arduino) | Random Nerd Tutorials

Helpful website for ESP32 and screen:

Exploiter 1,8 pouce TFT sur ESP-32 Dev Kit C (



ESP32 and RB-TFT1.8 Screen

  1. Power Connections:
    • VCC to 3V on the ESP32.
    • GND to any G
  2. I2C Connections (for SCL and SDA):
    • SCL to Pin 22
    • SDA to Pin 21
  3. SPI Connections (for the screen and SD card):
    • DC to Pin 17
    • RES (Reset) to Pin 2
    • CS to Pin 15
    • MISO to Pin 32
    • SCLK to Pin 33
    • MOSI to Pin 25
    • CS to Pin 26