Week #5

A project log for Vision360

Interactive camera controlled via wifi with an esp32

brunoBruno 04/25/2024 at 17:220 Comments

During this week's session, we focused on enhancing the visual aspect of the web server through which users connect to the camera. To ensure optimal functionality and provide users with an intuitive experience, we made corresponding adjustments to the web page, including text size, colors, and button placement.

Subsequently, we continued our work on integrating motors to complement the device's functionality and offer mobility. Considering the previously selected servomotors, we created a digital diagram of the electrical circuit - illustrating the motor connections - using software. This diagram not only facilitates and organizes our assembly work but also serves as an essential reference for anyone external to the project to replicate and understand the device's operation.

Digital diagram of the electrical circuit

Additionally, we received the missing material we ordered online prepared the materials to continue our work in the upcoming session: two boards and 2 servo motors of the FS90MG type, sourced from the French provider GoTronic. 

Preparing the material for next session

As you can see in the left board of the image above, we have installed a voltage regulator to prevent damage to the device. This precaution is necessary because we will be using a battery holder with 4 batteries of 1.5V each, resulting in a total voltage of 6V. Since the ESP32 only accepts 5V, it is imperative to regulate the voltage supplied to it.

We remain committed to refining our project and welcome any feedback or insights that may contribute to its success.