Box Brownie - Pi A+

A project log for Adventures in Digitising Vintage Cameras

Take an unloved old camera and give a new lease of life

fredfred 01/20/2017 at 15:030 Comments

The finished camera looks like this

As you can see it looks pretty much unchanged aside from the manual shutter release has been replaced by a green ed momentary switch. The closest part I can find now is This has 4 connections

The original lens was removed from the front plate and the Pi camera module mounted using black Sugru

The camera ribbon cable and the 4 button connections are then fed through the aperture and connected to the A+

You can also just see the USB Wifi adapter in the port of the Pi. not pictured is a Real Time Clock module as this has been reused. This was needed as without net access to set the time via NTP, the timestamp on the photos would be wrong. This connected via I2C and didn't take up much room.

The Pi was powered by a USB power bank that sat in the space on the right. As the case was not big enough to allow a microUSB cable to be plugged in to the Pi, I cut up an old USB cable and soldered on to the PP1 (+5v) and PP3 (GND) test pads on the underside of the board

**I last looked at the code for this a couple of years ago and the below is written from memory, so may contain slight inaccuracies**

For the software side of things, I built a custom linux image based off buildroot and motioneye which booted up and ran a python script to give the camera the following features:

This worked well but had a few drawbacks:

These features will be addressed in the next version of the camera.