Modufix - DIY Open source modular phone

Based on Compute Module - 3D Printed open source design

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Modufix - DIY Open source modular phone

This is a phone design for the next generation, The modular design helps against E-waste. the idea is that you can buy a pre built model though me or you can make your own, after a few years you can swap parts out to keep the phone for running longer.

The current idea is to use off the shelf parts. 


Files and compatibility: 

  • I am moving..

    Shambler.bowler06/14/2024 at 05:37 0 comments

    Over to Reddit, as much as i like hackaday i will be moving logs and other information over to reddit, come join r/modufix to learn more! 

  • Pro Camera Backplate Underway

    Shambler.bowler05/29/2024 at 03:12 0 comments

    The HQ Camera Backplate is underway to be released with Modufix. This backplate has a HQ camera module from Raspberry Pi that has a C/CS Mount for lenses. 

    This Backplate will have a grip on the left side of the device.

  • Almost Done

    Shambler.bowler04/11/2024 at 23:26 0 comments

    We are very close to fully releasing Modufix 

  • Cellular - 4G or 5G?

    Shambler.bowler03/28/2024 at 20:57 0 comments

    The question of 4G or 5G has been brought up in design, and i have decided to use a design based on Sixfab's design ( 

    Unfortunately the design does not support 5G, but i may be able to make a simmer design with 5G. 

  • Pi Zero Support End Of Life

    Shambler.bowler03/24/2024 at 04:12 0 comments

    Unfortunately I had to cancel plans to be able to use a Pi Zero with Modufix. I had to do this as the limited capabilities the zero has at the moment, with only 512MB of ram it would have been impossible to port android to it. Also getting a display to work with HDMI was also going to be a challenge for a sub $200 display. I know this may be bad for some people who already had a pi zero on hand to start the project, but without it version 6 and onwards will have a much cleaner and better design. 

    - Shambler 

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Navarre wrote 03/28/2024 at 20:47 point

I have been wanting an open source phone for some time (at least 2009), so this looks very interesting!

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antondybikov wrote 03/21/2024 at 14:59 point

VoIP systems often come with built-in analytics tools that provide valuable insights into call data, helping businesses track performance, monitor call volumes, and improve customer service.

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