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A project log for Raspberry PI Media Center

Raspberry Pi Zero-based Home Media Center with Remote control and WiFi/Ethernet connectivity

andriymalyshenkoandriy.malyshenko 04/18/2024 at 12:370 Comments

The project started with a line-level PCM5102 DAC which is very common among both Raspberry and Arduino users. I'm using it in combination with a classic 80's amplifier to get the look that I like and am used to with modern streaming capabilities.

Sure it is possible to use it directly with speakers, I have just the DAC for it. It is TAS5805M that I used in the Louder Esparagus board. It requires around 20V of input voltage, so I opted for PD-enabled USB-C power sources. They are easy to find these days and 65W ones are just right wattage too. 

I did some work collecting code and information around this DAC (it will not work out-of-the-box unfortunately). Instruction on how to set it up is available here, and frankly, it takes just a few minutes to get it working.

Hope that many of the Raspberry Pi owners will find this little box useful.