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A project log for Snail Mail Notifier

Low power, wireless device that informs user of regular mail.

SolenoidSolenoid 01/27/2015 at 18:490 Comments

I printed an enclosure for the receiver using SketchUp, it has 4 interlocking parts and no glue is required to assemble it.

It has a flexible part on top that allows the user to click on the button which currently serves as a reset button. When the receiver gets a transmission it stops accepting messages for 1 hour, the button resets that timeout.

I didn't want the antenna to protrude from the enclosure so I tucked it inside. At first I only had about 2m transmission distance, I swapped the 1/4 length antenna (~17cm) for a 1/2 length (~34cm) which didn't improve the reception. The solution was to tune the small coil on the receiver, I guess by changing anything on the antenna will require some tuning, so I'd recommend anybody having transmission distance issues wit these modules to rip off the red lacquer and start turning the thingy until it works.