In-between session progress (27/03-09/04)

A project log for Dangerous Skate

The goal is to create a skate moving erratically

gaspardmarcongaspard.marcon 03/26/2024 at 16:540 Comments


Made a 3D model of the connexion between the wheel and the drive shaft.

Made the model for the main body of the hanger (rough), how the motor is supposed to connect the main structure and transfer the mecanical movement to the wheel. Gear ratio is currently no-existent since caculation showed it probably wasn't needed. 1900 RPM on a 60cm ball is 5m/s, around 18mk/h or 49.2125 hand per second. Assuming 50 to 100% efficiency, the final speed is appropriate to be dangerous wihout causing legal trouble.

Made the minimum electrical circuit to power two brushless motor with a lipo battery with control it with a radio receiver. A secondary batery will power the arduino via a driver. While this could be used to guide the skateboard, the receiver main use will be to turn on and off the dangerous skate. Later version will include the selected sensors to allow the chaotic silicion brain of the skate to be dangerous.