A project log for Dangerous Skate

The goal is to create a skate moving erratically

gaspardmarcongaspard.marcon 04/09/2024 at 11:000 Comments

We acquired the skateboard today, the battery is dead but we can salvage the structure and the brush less motor that is still attached.

We checked if the battery and ESC worked by doing a test  with a small brushless motor and using this tutorial.

 then with the one on the skateboard. We could solder everything to technically have a pretty bare-bone electric skateboard.

We will probably drill holes through the skateboard to have the wheel having clearance on top and bottom, allowing it to be on its back and still working. Omni-wheels are also considered to create more chaos.

Before changing the scope from "building our own hanger and structure" to "use the one available" we finished the 3D model to be used with the old wheel. It won't be used but I'll still post it since it was a bit of work.