A project log for Dangerous Skate

The goal is to create a skate moving erratically

gaspardmarcongaspard.marcon 04/30/2024 at 11:310 Comments

We made installed the radio receiver in the same fashion as the ESG and battery.

We also soldered 2 of the 3 cable from the large motor to end that can fit into the ESG

We also reinforced the lifter mounting mechanism by adding another set of screws and a an additional, larger emplacement for said screws.

An order was also placed for a bike suspension, the goal is the use compress it and release the huge amount of energy (about 300 kilos max, but we won't be able to use most of it) the the spring can hold to flip the stake.

The lifter will be reinforced, same with the rack that we will 3D print with a wore width than the laser permit.

Check if a currently available step or servo motor can be used to turn the gear.
Install the bike suspension to that it will be triggered by the rack when the lifter is at the end of it's course, just like the gas mechanism.
Goal is to have everything centralized for that the flip energy is maximum.