Quantity   Component name
1 × 3D Printed Parts (PLA) Various components of the train and its accessories were printed using PLA material, providing durability and precision in the final product.
1 × DC Motor 6V Utilized for powering the train's movement, providing the necessary torque and speed to drive the gear system
1 × N20 DC6V 200RPM Mini Speed Reducer DC Motor with Full Metal Gearbox This motor features a metal gearbox and is specifically chosen for its compact size and appropriate RPM for the project requirements.
1 × Switch Button Used for controlling the power supply to the motor, enabling convenient operation of the train.
6 × M3 Screws These fasteners are essential for securely assembling various components of the train, ensuring stability and durability.
6 × M3 Hexagon Nuts
1 × Superglue / Hot Glue Used for bonding components together, providing additional reinforcement where necessary, and securing electrical connections.
4 × Jumper Wires These wires are employed for connecting electrical components, facilitating the flow of current between different parts of the train's circuitry.