Third Trial

A project log for Design for disability (Fitness glove)

by Junggi Ko, Theo Yang

ko3369ko3369 03/26/2024 at 14:570 Comments

Date. 19. mar. 2024

First, we talked to users to get feedback on the prototype we created.

■ her difficultness of using fitness equipment.      

 1) Her fingers is weak to hold heavy things.    

 2) The adhesive part of the device is difficult to use    

 3) The fingers on both ends are not easy to fold and unfold

her needs of using fitness equipment.      

 1) She wants to improve her arms strength.    

 2) She wishes the exercise equipment were comfortable to wear.

Based on these, we started building the next prototype. We decided to make gloves with larger holes. Tools were needed to fit the hole into the user's wrist. Through conversations with users, we learned that they preferred scotch bands to zippers, so we decided to go for it.

design for fitness equipment
no.4 design for fitness equipment

Divide the hand part of the glove into three parts and support the fingers at the ends. Scotch band number 1 is worn between the fingers to support the hand, and band number 2 is worn around the wrist to support the hand

fabric prototype
fabric prototype
fabric prototype
fabric prototype

We learned how to sew and started making gloves.