Sixth trial

A project log for Design for disability (Fitness glove)

by Junggi Ko, Theo Yang

ko3369ko3369 05/19/2024 at 16:260 Comments

This week end we started to link magnet and the gantlet but we meet different problem about magnets .

the magnets link together and we didn’t expect this problem before. 


The velcro doesn’t looks like the one we were thinking of but it’s working. 

sixth prototype
sixth prototype

Moreover Yousrah have some difficulty to close the gantlet and the project don’t look like simple as imaginate.  A large gauntlet was made to allow her hand to fit easily, but this made it difficult for her to hold the instrument in place. So we reduced the size of the gauntlet.

prototype trial #1
prototype trial #1

prototype trial #2
prototype trial #2

■ her difficultness of using fitness equipment.      

 1) Her fingers is weak to hold heavy things.    

 2) The adhesive part of the device is difficult to use     

3) The fingers on both ends are not easy to fold and unfold

 her needs of using fitness equipment.       

1) She wants to improve her arms strength.    

2) She wishes the exercise equipment were comfortable to wear.

3) She needs a part to put her thumb in to tighten the string to adjust her arm properly.

We once again remembered her needs and inconveniences. 

we are trying to resolve the problems we are facing and we will improve the gantlet the next session.