Final Trial

A project log for Design for disability (Fitness glove)

by Junggi Ko, Theo Yang

ko3369ko3369 06/07/2024 at 20:520 Comments

This session we met a problem with the magnet and the little iron balls used as weight.

They don’t stick each other so we decide to change it and resolve a previsious problem. 

After linking the magnet with the gantlet, we seen that they was attract so to resolve it we changed the magnets roles and use it to connect a bag to a pocket. 

We inclued 2 pockets with a magnet on each bottom of the pockets to link 2 closed bag filled by small balls.

 Those balls also contain a magnet with can be attract to the bottom of the pocket who will protect the user by bag falling when the user work.

Additionally, a ring was attached to make it easier for her to control the weight.

we made exercise equipment using fabric, iron beads, wire, Velcro, etc. 

How to use: 

1. Insert your arm 

2. wrap the cloth around it to secure it.