• circuitpython and game

    MakerM004/26/2024 at 05:11 0 comments

    Drawing inspiration from the C language implementation of tinyflap, I successfully developed a Flappy Bird game utilizing CircuitPython. The debugging phase proved to be unexpectedly seamless, enabling me to swiftly create an initial prototype of the game.

    The ground and clouds were drawn using the adafruit_display_shapes  lib, whereas the bird and pipes were implemented directly using images.

  • first test

    MakerM004/19/2024 at 07:49 0 comments

    Primarily, I wish to sincerely thank PCBWay, a leading entity in the industry, for its perceptive vision in identifying the potential of my project and extending substantial backing. Your sponsorship has transcended material provision by equipping me with superior-grade, precision-crafted PCB products that have been instrumental in facilitating seamless advancement during the R&D process.

    Throughout our cooperative engagement, the dedicated technical team at PCBWay has upheld a stringent attitude and provided efficient services, guaranteeing faultless precision at each juncture, thereby significantly boosting my operational efficiency. The outstanding product quality and considerate customer service you deliver have undoubtedly been crucial factors contributing to achieving key developmental milestones in the project.

    The testing process has been largely smooth, during which we did identify a minor design oversight where the LDO (Low Drop-Out) section was not provided with a stable control signal, leading to an inability to completely shut down the system. However, this issue is relatively easy to rectify; it can be resolved by shorting two pins as indicated in the diagram. Currently, we are using CircuitPython version 8.x and have confirmed its successful operation. In the coming days, I will commence work on porting to version 9.x.

    A charging indicator LED has been integrated onboard, facilitating the observation of the charging status.

  • first version

    MakerM004/01/2024 at 03:03 0 comments

    Based on previous experience, after the schematic diagram was ready, the first version has finally been updated.

    The pcb has been checked and found to be without issues, so it's ready for sampling.  

    The components with small packages have been chosen as much as possible on the PCB, therefore, only one side needs to be soldered.