Salvage and Planning

A project log for Nintemu NUCube

An emulation station and media streaming device inside a GameCube case

jamieJamie 04/02/2024 at 14:580 Comments

A small part of my heart broke, tearing down this old GameCube to take the most useless components and discard the rest. But it had to be done. Here are some photos of the teardown:

I'm not going to delve into this too much. There are plenty of resources online for GameCube disassembly and details about what each part does. I then fitted some pieces into the new shell, transferred over the OG stickers (an essential step!) and made a cardboard cutout to represent the NUC motherboard so I could start planning where it would go:

Once the NUC arrived, I proceeded to tear it down and figure out exactly where it would go. With a steady hand, I carefully cut away parts of the shell using a hacksaw, making as few modifications as possible to position the NUC exactly where I wanted it. By some miraculous coincidence, two of the holes on the NUC line up perfectly with standoffs inside the shell which allowed me to mount the board as follows:

I then hacked away at the rear panel just enough to make the ports and motherboard fit. At some point I will design an insert that will be 3D printed to tidy this up, so I'm not worried about how it looks.