Bitscope, rtl-sdr2832u, HamItUp, cleaner signal

I want to iliminate as much rtl-sdr2832u noise as possible and make the Pi 3 and efficient as possible.

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Additional cooling system, sensor hat to indicate differences with and without cooling. Bitscope to ensure everything it connected with minimal loss, HamItUp for up-conversions, rtl-sdr2832u and I want super clean signal, clean connections etc.

Step One - Hookup new cooling fan and run an image with sense hat. Cooling is complete and sense hat image is downloaded. Testing should be completed shortly.

  • 1 × Rasp Pi B+, 3B B+ is used for all power and supporting functions, 3B will be the tested and optimized platform.
  • 1 × BitScope Used to test and refine signalling capability of antennae and HamItUp....
  • 1 × HamItUp Converter Used to allow frequency monitoring of lower frequncies
  • 1 × WIFI and Keyboard self explanitory
  • 1 × Generic cooling I had an 1995 Toshiba Satellite laptop, it is no longer a laptop and I now have good cooling

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  • Image almost ready

    derekaubin198201/24/2017 at 00:39 0 comments

    I have a stable PI image with Sense-Hat (I built a cool new little project for gauging temp of the unit , surrounding temperature, ... , I will use the joystick to allow a user to access any of the attributes on the 8 x 8 led's), GNURADIO, RTL-SDR, Bitscope, wi-fi... All running. Next I will try sharing internet with my main Desktop CPU.

  • Step 1 log

    derekaubin198201/23/2017 at 18:22 0 comments

    Tonight I will hopefully start up my image and get some useful information. I will then design a sense hat program that is efficient and simple to store data from the RPI device.

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  • 1
    Step 1

    After testing of Step one is complete a more detailed instruction will ensue.

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