50mm pipe segment set

A project log for PrintAirPipe - 3D Printable air duct system

A 3D printable ventilation pipe system with all kind of different connectors and pipe segments.

fabianFabian 06/13/2024 at 17:280 Comments

I realized that in some cases the 125mm diamater of the pipe system is quite big. Therefore I designed a much smaller version of the different pipe segments.

The PrintAirPipe - 50mm pipe segment set is the smallest brother of the (original) PrintAirPipe 125 system. The segments and functionality are identical or similar, so that the PrintAirPipe 50mm system can also be used to create an individually adaptable pipe system with an outer diameter of 50mm.

The different segments can be combined as desired and connected to the other pipe diameters using existing adapters.

The full set for the 50mm diameter is available here: