PrintAirPipe - Printable air duct system

A 3D printable ventilation pipe system with all kind of different connectors and pipe segments.

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The PrintAirPipe System is a 3D printable pipe system. Using the different pipe segments, an individual and customizable exhaust or supply air system can be set up. Ideal for conveying the exhaust air from a soldering station, 3D printer or similar to a suitable filter system or wall outlet.

The PrintAirPipe system consists of different segments that can be individually connected to each other.

There are currently the following segments available:

  • Flange segment
  • Butterfly valve segment
  • 20mm fan insert
  • Filter segment
  • Adapter to 100mm PrintAirPipe standard
  • Adapter to 80mm PrintAirPipe standard
  • Adapter to 50mm PrintAirPipe standard
  • 90° connector
  • 45° connector
  • 22.5° connector
  • Y-distributor segment
  • Y-distributor straight segment
  • Extension 50mm
  • Extension 100mm
  • Extension 150mm
  • Extension 200mm
  • Cover cap

Files & Code:

More Pictures & Videos:

Overview of the currently available pipe segments.
Overview of the servo valve segment.


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