Amateur Reflow of failed MacBook Pro Logic Boards

How to transmute a paper weight in to a computer using a heat gun and an aluminum take-out box

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I bought some dead 17" MacBook Pros for ~$20/ea from an e-recycler. I expected to just use their keyboards and maybe their LCD panels. But when I saw the PCBs looked fine, just didn't work, I decided to try to blindly reflow the major components. Well, it worked!

Check out my detailed post on my Blog:

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Jacques Fargion wrote 01/24/2017 at 21:04 point

Hi, some years ago i've got the same problem....

see this

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DocDawning wrote 01/24/2017 at 22:48 point

Yeah, that's cool. I like what I did more only because I had more control over how much heat and where. But really what I did isn't exactly awesome as it was still pretty uncontrolled and stands a good chance at failing again soon. That being said, if the thing's already garbage, then if you try anything at all, that's generally better than just throwing it out. Also, doing this cost me close to nothing in materials.

Here's a video that makes me feel like an idiot, though this guy seems kind of unreasonable and ridiculous at times too. But back to, hey, I got these machines for $20 and it's all for fun anyway.

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