External Co-creation - Selfie stick erection exploration 1

A project log for Creating AT for PRM: AnyAdapter (万接站)

Multifunctional retainer attachment platform designed for wheelchair users.

junzhe-guo-sebastianJunzhe Guo (Sebastian) 05/05/2024 at 17:040 Comments

While we were designing our project, we worked with some wheelchair users (who were also our future clients!) to design and install selfie sticks for filming.

Our first friend was Michener, who wanted us to help him set up a selfie stick on his wheelchair to record some of his travels. Michener also purchased a selfie stick himself, which saved us a lot of work. All we need to consider is how to install it on the wheelchair and how to make it as stable as possible and reduce vibration and shaking. I soon realized that this was a perfect opportunity to explore and experiment with a variety of mounting options and test their stability.

We tried out a selfie stick that Michener purchased himself. This is actually a selfie stick for bicycles. I found that there are many such designs for bicycles, and they are very mature, but there are extremely few for wheelchairs - this is the direction and reason for our efforts. We need to find a place on the wheelchair that is very similar to the crossbar of a bicycle to install the double-ended clamp. After testing several locations, including the armrests, we determined the best fit—the roller supports under the wheelchair near the legs. The roller support is a perfect metal rod, suitable for the installation of the double-head clamp; at the same time, it is relatively low and will not cause any inconvenience to the user. However, due to engineering reasons. No matter how tight we install it, there will always be some amount of wobble. Also, the stick provided with this selfie stick is too long. Even though it's adjustable, it's still at an embarrassing height.

We tried out some of our own accessories and in the process realized the importance of trying out the same screw model (luckily we used camera-specific screws from the beginning, which saved us a lot of trouble in purchasing and installation) . After some experimentation we successfully assumed the shooting pole. After testing, we found that there was significant shaking. I used multiple disposable straps for reinforcement and ended up with dramatic results. The last few attempts at shooting were very successful, with stable and clear footage.


Michener loves this selfie stick. After installing a selfie stick, he began to frequently take photos and document his life. This is not only his driving recorder, but also his life recorder. He developed a new hobby, which is to turn on photography every time he travels to record interesting moments. After editing the video, he posted it online so that more people could see the world of wheelchair users.