Adapter Base: Opportunity Explorations

A project log for Creating AT for PRM: AnyAdapter (万接站)

Multifunctional retainer attachment platform designed for wheelchair users.

junzhe-guo-sebastianJunzhe Guo (Sebastian) 05/14/2024 at 09:140 Comments

First base version: 

Installation and tests:

Worked well! There is a literature and art that since there is only one screw hole at the bottom, there will be a problem of base rotation when installing heavy objects on it.

However, I am also trying to explore a more effective and beautiful Base design. The cylindrical Base is indeed interesting, but when the Adapter is connected to it, there is not enough contact surface. This will cause the service life of the inserts to be greatly reduced, because all the stress support falls on the inserts. It would be much better if there were other contact surfaces to assist. So I redesigned the eight-sided version and the six-sided version. When designing the eight-sided version, I came up with a new idea. Users will basically not install multiple devices on the base at the same time, so it is actually not necessary to design too many layers of inserts. A better designer would design just one row and then add a telescopic rod underneath it, which would add even more possibilities.

Printed by 3D printers.

Final look:

Users and I really like this white and gold colorway.

In the next two versions of the base, I increased the number of screw holes on the bottom, and after installing more small screws, the problem of base rotation was solved.