On The Purpose Of This Project, And A Retrospective Log Entry

A project log for Keyboard Thingo

It's a working title. Making a modular platform for a keyboard + PC related devices It's not much more than a bunch of plastic

nickNick 04/11/2024 at 12:220 Comments

Rather than pestering people with all my random ideas and updates that I have as this boondoggle of a project progresses, I'll take a crack at using this platform instead to log it all.

Doing this also has the added benefit of keeping it all in one place, and gives me a place to store STLs, instructions and steps, should it ever reach a point where I want to share it with anyone interested.

Ideally, that will mean all the files, parts, materials and tools will be documented here, making it possible for anyone interested to replicate the whole thing, and even add onto it.

Per the second part of the title, I may also make a post soon that just shows a few of the major keynotes that led up to where the project is now for posterity's sake.