On Heat Set Threaded Inserts

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It's a working title. Making a modular platform for a keyboard + PC related devices It's not much more than a bunch of plastic

nickNick 04/11/2024 at 15:050 Comments

A recent module I was working on; a cable organizer and PC power switch, needed to be printed in a few parts.

Naturally, this meant I needed to attach the pieces together. Normally I'd just do this with small self-tapping screws directly into the PLA, but I had none left and couldn't find any for sale in stores or online that would arrive any time soon.

At that point, I figured it might be time to finally give heat-set threaded inserts a chance. I picked up these from amazon, along with this set of bolts.

They arrived the next day and I gave them a try. Turns out, they are remarkably strong and easy to insert.

So long as you aren't putting the strain of opening and closing a laptop hinge a thousand times on them, they are perfectly reliable.