LCD Companion Module - Cable Organizer and PC Power Switch

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It's a working title. Making a modular platform for a keyboard + PC related devices It's not much more than a bunch of plastic

nickNick 04/11/2024 at 15:440 Comments

This module serves two purposes.

The first is a pair of cable channels to route the LCD power and HDMI cables into.

The second is a Cherry MX switch power button for a desktop PC.

With the detachable faceplate, it can be configured to be used for either both or only the cable organizer. Threaded inserts are used to facilitate easy changing of faceplates.

This is a version of the faceplate that has no shroud. Here the threaded inserts for the switch in the faceplate are shown.

Currently, I've got the power switch wired up with a 4-pin fan connector since it was what I had on hand and gets the job done. Later on, I'll work out a more suitable connector and resolder it. On the module side, the wires are simply soldered onto a cherry MX switch. I have used a Kailh Box Jade for the loud click and tactile bump.