Minisforum BD790i - InWin Chopin

Minisforum BD790i in InWin Chopin Mini-ITX build

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PC build of Minisforum BD790i in a InWin Chopin Pro case.

The InWin Chopin Pro is rated at 43mm heatsink height.

The BD790i heatsink height is 37mm.
I am adding a 15mm Noctua 120mm fan.
With the included FAN bracket, the fan assembly height is 18mm.

Note: MinisForum only includes M2.5x25mm screws for the fan.
I found M2.5x16mm flat head screws for the 15mm fan.

From the standoff, the Chopin has 48 mm of clearance.
With the PCB, the motherboard is 39mm. With the Fan, the height is 57mm.

I am missing 9mm.

The Chopin the mesh side panel is embossed by 8mm.

The fan needs to be moved back by 43mm to let the Chopin side panel slide in place. The fan will be held by a custom bracket.

The fan is able to clear the ram and a M.2 NVME riser.

The motherboard headsink is 92mm wide. A 92mm fan mounting option would have been nice.

The Chopin is always a tight fit!

I was considering using the Chopin MAX for its 54mm of clearance. This would bring 11mm additional height room.

However, it is likely that the fan would be under the back case edge. Using the back fan bracket may prevent fan removal.

  • BIOS Settings

    Stanislas Bertrand04/14/2024 at 01:39 1 comment

    When main AC power is disconnected from the power supply, the system loses configuration.

    Upon AC power connection, the system BIOS is reset and boot takes 1min 40sec.

    Usually when such behavior is observed, it is a problem with the coin cell battery.
    I have checked the coin cell battery and its connection to the motherboard.
    The coin cell voltage is 3.3v and connection to the system is correct.

    Is other user of BD770i / BD790i observing similar behavior ? Leave a comment !

    I faced this issue directly when secure boot was preventing me from loading custom linux kernel module for the ITE IT8613E system monitoring.

    The BIOS seems to reset every time AC power is connected which takes time and discard any custom settings.
    By default secure boot is enabled. I would like to also retain custom fan configuration.

  • Motherboard Connector

    Stanislas Bertrand04/14/2024 at 01:34 0 comments

    The BD790i has 2 3-pin connector that are not documented.

    The PJ3601 connector is next to the CPU 4-pin connector.

    There is another 3-pin connector next the the USB 3.0 header.

    Leave a message if you know details about those connectors.

    One may be chassis intrusion detection.

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