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Minisforum BD790i in InWin Chopin Mini-ITX build

stanislas-bertrandStanislas Bertrand 04/14/2024 at 01:391 Comment

When main AC power is disconnected from the power supply, the system loses configuration.

Upon AC power connection, the system BIOS is reset and boot takes 1min 40sec.

Usually when such behavior is observed, it is a problem with the coin cell battery.
I have checked the coin cell battery and its connection to the motherboard.
The coin cell voltage is 3.3v and connection to the system is correct.

Is other user of BD770i / BD790i observing similar behavior ? Leave a comment !

I faced this issue directly when secure boot was preventing me from loading custom linux kernel module for the ITE IT8613E system monitoring.

The BIOS seems to reset every time AC power is connected which takes time and discard any custom settings.
By default secure boot is enabled. I would like to also retain custom fan configuration.


jeloneal wrote 04/28/2024 at 16:23 point

Experiencing exactly the same annoying issue. Also checked battery and connection. Both are fine. But getting clock and date reset everytime you disconnect the power is extremly annoying.

Did you try to contact support already?

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