First plans iteration

A project log for Wooden mechanical clock

As a birthday present for my nephew, I am designing a wooden clock to build with him.

aberderbartAberDerBart 04/16/2024 at 06:440 Comments

Yesterday, I finished a first iteration of the plans, containing most of the parts. The back frame, the fingers and some miscellaneous parts like spacers are still missing, I should add at least the back plane before my nephews birthday to be able to partially assemble the clock as we are going.

It is just a PDF file with 1:1 drawings of the parts to be printed on paper, glued to the wood, then cut out with the saw and sanded. Below, you can see an an example (this is the ratchet mechanism used to wind the clock). The descriptions are German (and probably not the correct technical terms), so my nephew can understand them too.