• Got the Sphere!

    AVR (lordKiCAD)01/30/2017 at 00:13 0 comments

    So I got my motorized hamster/ball toy in the mail. Its just about the right size for a gamecube sizeish build. I'm going to be CADing the rest of everything in OnShape and will be sharing the links and files here. Files will be released as STEP and STL.

    A close up of the ball:

    Stay tuned for more to follow!

  • Here We Go!

    AVR (lordKiCAD)01/25/2017 at 01:25 2 comments

    So someone mentioned this in a facebook group for retropie and I couldn't resist doing it. Immediately my first throught was to see if I could grab a green hamster ball for the sphere part and 3D print the rest. I was able to find the ball on ebay for not much cash when I get it in the mail I'll begin modeling the box and the inside logo bit.

    Here is the ball I bought


    Stay tuned for more!