In this project “Visitor Counter With Automatic Lighting“, we’ll combine the functionality of an Arduino microcontroller, a 16*2 LCD display, and an IR sensor to create a visitor counter system with automatic lighting. The system will count the number of visitors passing through a specific area while automatically illuminating the room using LEDs if there is at least 1 person in the room.

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Block Diagram

Here’s an explanation of the block diagram for the Visitor Counter with Automatic Lighting system using Arduino, a 16*2 LCD, and an IR sensor:

  • The IR sensor detects the presence of visitors passing by.
  • Upon detection, the Arduino increments the visitor count and updates the LCD display to reflect the new count.
  • Simultaneously, the Arduino triggers the relay module to activate the lighting source providing illumination in the area.
  • After a brief delay, the system is ready to detect the next visitor, ensuring accurate counting and efficient lighting control.

Circuit Diagram

Here’s the circuit diagram for your project:

  • The IR sensor modules are connected to analog pins A3 and A2 of the Arduino for their data pins.
  • The LCD display is connected to the I2C pins of the Arduino (SDA to A4, SCL to A5).
  • The LED is connected to digital pin 12 (D12) through a resistor to limit the current.

For full project:

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