Building the controller

A project log for Bootstrap 3D Printer

Bootstrap: A large volume 3d printer that can be built at home without requiring any custom 3d printed or machined parts.

es-pronkE/S Pronk 04/24/2024 at 19:140 Comments

I've bought a micro-ATX chassis to hold my controller and peripherals. I've decided to switch from Marlin to Klipper and bought the BTT Manta M8P v2 as the control board. Managed to get a raspberry PI CM4 as well for a reasonable price.

The entire thing will run on 24v, so I can't really use a regular ATX PSU, so I'm going to have to improvise and got a Meanwell 24v PSU, and I have some DC-DC converters laying around should I need them. One for 12V @ 10A, and one at 5.1V @ 12A

I'm in love with the TMC5160, so I got 8 of  those. Just the standard, original, silent step sticks (from Mouser or Farnell), some soldering required. 

I do want to do some case modding for fun as well, so I got 3 corsair LL120 RGB fans. First thing I did was cut of the connectors and wire them as if they were a strip of ws2812b leds, and use a simple ESP32 MCU I have laying around as the controller. Also found an old led strip with the same RGB leds to mod the case further should I want to.