The goal of our project is to create a drone and to be able to test it in a small area.

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Our goal is to create a drone. But as you already know, there is a lot of easy tutorial of, "how to build your own drone". We don't have a lot of experience on microcontroler and 3D making and printing. We also have no experience on drones. So we decided to focus on the process of the frame making and the process of understanding the code.

In the whole project we lost a lot of time choosing the components that we needed partly because of the budget. Also choosing the project that we wanted to work on and finally the waiting of the different components.

The components

To begin with the components we chose components that were deliverable soon and that were compatible. We had a little issues because the school was not able to order them for us so we did.
-The pack ESC + Flight Controler (left side)
-The Radio Transmiter (middle)
-The Reciver


The professor also lent us motor, propellers and battery.

The Frame

For the Frame, we designed it through the semester and we learned a lot about 3D making. We were going to print it but we had issues to do it because we hadn't the formation and we didn't have the experience that the lab were closing earlier that expected.

We began with this:

Ended up with this :


f3d - 353.61 kB - 05/29/2024 at 12:24



f3d - 274.96 kB - 05/29/2024 at 12:23


  • 1 × Remote Controller BETAFPV Literadio 2 SE Transmetteur Télécommande Frsky FCC D16 avec Batterie 1000mAh 1S Intégrée Compatible pour FPV RC Racing Drones Quadcopter Simulator Joystick Calibration (Left Throttle-Mode 2)
  • 1 × Nano receiver BETAFPV ExpressLRS 2.4G OpenTX Mini Nano Récepteur Performances à Longue portée à taux de rafraîchissement élevé pour Drone de Course FPV
  • 1 × Stack Flight Contoller + ESC F405 V3 BLS 50A 30X30 STACK BY SPEEDYBEE

  • Frame finished.

    3decmartin05/29/2024 at 12:14 0 comments

    Our frame is finished !
    We just need to print it.

  • We received our components !!!

    3decmartin05/23/2024 at 10:11 0 comments

  • Printing the Frame

    3decmartin05/23/2024 at 08:38 0 comments

    We finally received all the parts we needed :

    • Remote controller : in order to control the drone
    • Nano receiver : Made to receive the inputs of the remote controller
    • Flight controller : Drone's central brain, stabilizing and managing the aircraft. It processes sensor data and user commands to adjust motor speeds and control surfaces, ensuring stable and responsive flight.
    • Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) : Regulates the speed of the drone's motors. It receives signals from the flight controller and adjusts the power supplied to each motor, ensuring precise control and stability during flight.

     We also had the parts that our teacher lent us :

    • Motors
    • Propeller

    With all of this, we needed just only one thing that will create a link between all of this parts : the Frame.

    Like you saw in the other Project Log, the Frame is almost designed. We just need to confirm that the dimensions are good and that we can print it.

    We also need to know how to program our Flight Controller. We will do that during the week so that we can hopefully finish the whole drone next week !

  • Frame cardboard and Fusion360 researches

    3decmartin05/02/2024 at 10:40 0 comments

    We made a cardboard Frame in order to have a image of what we will have to deal with. So first the arms :

    Frame arms in cardboardThen we did a support in order to carry our drone :

    Also we worked on Fusion360 to design the frame :

    We ordered the parts of the drone, we need to be careful about the price. All the parts we are going to order will be in the components section.

  • The Frame

    3decmartin05/02/2024 at 07:57 0 comments

    The parts we ordered are almost making the whole drone so we need to focus on the frame. 

    At first we needed to build a cardboard prototype in order to understand the things we needed for our frame. 

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