Cyber Retro-style DIY PC Performance Monitor

bbMonitor, A group of gauges displaying your computer's status.

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Imagine combining the performance monitor from your computer's task manager with a vintage-style analog gauge. That's exactly what this aims to achieve — Project: bbMonitor.

Picture this: when your computer is busy, the pointer behaves like a lively little creature, bouncing around on the gauge; when it's running smoothly, the pointer moves gracefully. This marvelous interaction allows you to intuitively sense what your computer is up to.

The principle behind it isn't complicated. We need to run software on the computer to transmit data to a microcontroller, which then outputs corresponding voltages. Then, we replace the gauge dial with actual content, adding some RGB effects, and voila!

🔗 Open-source link:

▶️ Video Showcase and Process:

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