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    Begin by soldering the male header pins to the DLP-RFS1280 on a breadboard. Then Solder the DLP-RFS1280 to the PCB. Lastly the female header pins to the PCB. I've found if the PCB is resting on the DLP-RFS1280 and female header pins the soldering is easier.

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    Open the Arduino IDE. Open the library manager to download the "sx1280OverSpi" library. Go to File > Examples > sx1280OverSpi > arduinoSendAndReceive to open the program for running the Lora Shield. Verify and upload to an Arduino.

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    Open the serial monitor. Make sure you have the right baud rate. You should see a continuous print out. It will say what the DLP-RFS1280 is busy doing, the message being output, and the incoming message. Messages may be up to 255 characters so printing it may be very long.