[T] Tetoroidiv ribbon cable pinout

A project log for Tetoroidiv [gd0152]

A Ø16mm, water resistant BLDC servo with BT v5.2 and zero cogging.

kelvinakelvinA 05/17/2024 at 17:240 Comments
  1. 5V
  2. I2C Data
  3. I2C Clock
  4. GND
  5. I2S Clock
  6. I2S Word Select
  7. I2S Data
  8. GND
  9. SWD Clock
  10. SWD Data
  11. 5V

This was laid out so that:

I believe 1mm pitch would be the best ribbon cable to use, and an 11P one should be 12mm which should be the same as the expected length of the PCB (similar to the Tetrinsic PCB I designed last year, but its cable was on its width).

I'm going to rely on the internal antenna of the MS51SF1 for the time being, since similarly sized Bluetooth dongles and earbuds seem to have decent reception despite their small size. Thus, I haven't added an antenna pin to the pinout.