Luggable PC at Hackaday LA February Meetup

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A nominally portable ("luggable") computer chassis for commodity desktop PC components.

RogerRoger 02/25/2017 at 02:280 Comments

There's nothing like a deadline to drive progress! I wanted to show the latest progress at this month's meet, but I had dismantled threaded rod box V1 and V2 was far from completion. A few frantic nights of work resulted in something I could bring to the meet. It was missing several pieces I didn't have time to print, but good enough for a show-and-tell.

There will be a more detailed write-up after I catch up on sleep, but the most significant new feature was the screen mount. I had been focused more on the other parts of the project, and had been recycling the same screen frame used in Easel Frame v1. It was sorely needing an update to match the latest evolution in the design.

Behold, the folding, rotating, transforming screen of the latest luggable PC! (Thanks to Shulie for the animated GIF.)