Quantity   Component name
1 × HOYT ME-21 gauge from a vintage Conar Instruments Model 212 Ohm / Volt meter This is a beautiful gauge that i found among other electronic parts and components my father left, from what i can find out it, comes from a old Conar Volt and Ohm meter.
6 × M5 Type High Current Binding Post Different colors to easily distinguish the different power levels
1 × Smun S-180-36 180W 36V 5A Single Output Switching AC-DC power supply This i intend as power input for the 0V-30V variable CC / VC output part of the power supply.
1 × AD584L 4-Channel 2.5v/7.5v/5v/10v Voltage Reference Module Seems useful
1 × ATX 20 Pin Female to 24 Pin Male Internal PC PSU Power Adaptor Cable Re-use the connectors for connecting the ATX PSU outputs to the 3.3v/5v/12v output circuits
1 × Tentative: DP50V5A Digital LCD Programme Step-down Regulated Power Supply Module For the 0v-30v output channel, powered by the Smun S-189-36 supply
1 × Nextion Enhanced NX4024K032 - Generic 3.2'' HMI Touch Display Might upgrade to a larger later, but i have this on hand. Includes RTC on board.
1 × Expansion Board for Nextion Enhanced Display I/O Extended adds tactile button input for touch screen.