System Design

A project log for Project T

World 1st - Asymmetric propulsion system for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles - Enabling efficient Vertical Take-Off & Landing for future aircraft

EngineerAllenEngineerAllen 01/25/2017 at 19:210 Comments

The most crucial step

The technology demonstrator has to be designed such that it can be built as quickly as possible with as little effort or complexity as possible while maintaining an affordable budget.

The system design is based on these parameters therefore it is not necessarily the optimal design for demonstration or technological progress.

My 1st design was based on not having enough money or any proper equipment and extremely limited time.

Therefore it was rushed, poorly built, and some mechanical & electronic components were not of the quality needed to make the 1st version a success.

A lot of knowledge & experience was gained however.

Suitable components have now been selected for a 2nd version of Project T but equipment is still lacking and therefore the project is pending suitable facilities for fabrication of the mechanical structure and airfoils.