A project log for Project T

World 1st - Asymmetric propulsion system for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles - Enabling efficient Vertical Take-Off & Landing for future aircraft

EngineerAllenEngineerAllen 01/25/2017 at 22:170 Comments

My least favourite part of any project - software

The software was long, messy and hard to follow for any life form other than myself.

There were also dozens of test code files I wrote for each of the sensors and functions of the flight computer since I wrote all of the software from scratch (inadvisable unless if you're trying to show off like I was).

Instead I've provided a slide from a presentation I gave on the project which shows some principle software.

The rest mostly consists of standard code for each of the input/output components including:

ESC output, current sensing input, Bluetooth output & input, state estimation.

I should also note that none of this software will be used in the second version of project T as I will be utilising a commercially available flight computer together with open source software which I will modify slightly to factor in the unique propulsion configuration and asymmetric control parameters.